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Karlanthony and his five-piece R&B-Soul band (The Main Agenda) have been together for a short stint however finds the chemistry very encouraging and all are very excited about the possibilities. Currently in discussions to perform at highly acclaimed venues such as Motorco Music Hall (Durham NC,) The Lincoln Theatre (Raleigh, NC,)  and many other well known music venues throughout the East Coast and South. After only 6 weeks of rehearsals to his solo debut CD (The Main Agenda) named after his band, Karlanthony is currently scheduling his PTI tour to introduce his band and the new project to the world. All members of the band are currently  students and/or graduates of music conservatories. Karlanthony and his band incorporates elements of classic Old School R&B with a twist of Dancehall Reggae and Hip Hop to create a tasty, soulful vibe that is unlike any other sound being created in the 21st century.