New Video ‘On Ya Mark’ the first single release from Vblock Dutch’s Kingston11 cd featuring the DMV artist Doss Rollie. Shot by Rell TV in DC

  • VblockDutch - (C.E.O.)

    Started VBE in the DMV back in 2010 and has since released 5 albums and 20 singles. Vblock Entertainment is a multifaceted entity specializing in all phases of the artist’s career including songwriting, beat production, audio & Video recording, mixing/ mastering, release and distribution. Show bookings and other services are also offered.

  • Honi Lane - (RnB/Pop)

    Singer/Songwriter Nicole Wilkins aka Honi Lane is fast becoming the new voice on the Pop/RnB scene in the crowded but exciting Atlanta Music Scene with her 1 single per month release strategy. Since January of 2018 she has skyrocketed up the local chart and is currently sitting at #2 on the RnB chart

  • Doss Rollie (HipHop/Rap)

Clean Mic Green (@mrgreenonit)